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Sales of Premium CBD oil for private customers.
We do not work with cultivated industrial hemp where CBD is produced as a by-product. All our hemp is cultivated specifically for the active applications of this special plant and the result is a unique profile of active substances.
Our CBD oil is truly unique in Europe and contains a whopping 56.1% total of CBD with a THC percentage of 0.04% with no less than 9 cannabinoids and 15 terpenes, thereby providing great value for the consumer. There are no less than 27% more Cannabinoids in our oil which makes it exceptional, so we are very proud that we can supply a true ’Full Spectrum’ oil or as others call it ‘the Entourage effect’.
The oil has a coppery-gold, honey colour, an earthy taste and it smells wonderful. This is because in addition to the extracted cannabinoids there is also a very wide palette of natural terpenes, so no extra terpenes need to be added at production. We trust that the plant has enough of its own Healing powers. This in itself makes this oil a very high quality product that no other European provider can match.

We only sell legal products. Our unique composition of base oil also has a THC level of below 0.04% which is well below the UK legal requirement of 0.2%. Because of this, no crystals need to be added to achieve a higher percentage of CBD which is the current trend in the market and in violation of the new EU Novel Food Regulations.

We at Cannabas only work with the best of the best products. Our oil, machines, bottles and pipettes are all of premium quality.