Canabis oil in the pure form

Canabis oil in the pure form

Canabis oil or Canabis oil is very easy to order through our company and this can be used as medicinal cannabis. Officially you do not write Canabis like this, but as Cannabis. Because many people like to get in touch with Canabis oil or Canabis oil in this way and we want to reach everyone, we have written this message in this way. Canabis oil is also popularly known as hash oil, hemp oil or cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is very often seen as two types, namely the THC oil and the CBD oil. You can best distinguish this oil by the psychoactive effect of the THC oil and the non-psychoactive effect of the CBD oil. In the Netherlands we are only allowed to sell canabis oil in the form of CBD oil. If you sell this oil you do this within the framework of the law as there is no more than 0.3% thc in the Canabis oil may sit. The plants used for the Canabis oil / CBD oil are from the Industrial Hemp, which is all grown on Dutch soil.
Are you looking for Canabis oil or Cannabis oil, then you do not have to look any further. We are happy to help you find the best way to order CBD oil. CBD oil can easily be purchased on our site.

Can I also order Rick Simpson oil from you?

Rick Simpson oil is made from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is therefore Canabis oil with a lot of THC in it. We can not sell this Canabis oil online. We would like to do this however it is not allowed in the Netherlands and we like to keep to the law. We may sell CBD oil and cannabis oil.

Rick Simpson oil is often used in the fight against cancer. Rick Simpson has developed a unique method in this. This resulted in the Rick Simpson oil. The intention is that people with cancer will receive 60 ml of pure Canabis oil within 90 days. You can actually see that better as Canabis pasta. This Rick Simpson Oil seems to have effectively helped just over 5000 people off the cancer. By taking this Cannabis oil, the Endocannabinoids system is extra motivated to fight the cancer.

Rick Simpson applied it to his skin himself because he had skin cancer on his nose. By then smearing these with the Canabis oil, the spots were completely gone after 4 days. So he finally started with the Rick Simpson oil, and is now known all over the world. Very nice to see how this man has made his passion his mission, to bring as many people as possible in contact with Canabis oil. I take my hat off for this man and I hope Rick Simpson Oil can help a lot of people to fight his or her illness.

Where can I order CBD oil?

Ordering CBD oil seems a real challenge nowadays. You have many different providers. One of these providers is for example Golyoli from Mediwiet. Golyoli were the first in the Netherlands where you could order CBD oil. At Golyoli, the percentages of CBD were so low that they did not or hardly felt the effects. Golyoli also had cheaper products, so that people who ordered CBD oil could get well, to at least experience CBD oil.

At you can order the right cbd oil.

Qualitative CBD oil can be found at

For and our team this was a great motivation to make better products than for example Golyoli.

For people who order CBD oil, we realize that you better put down a high-quality product with a lot of CBD paste in it, and what is more expensive in terms of price. In this way we are convinced for everyone who wants to order CDB oil that people would get a better quality and thus ultimately experience with the oil.

So if you search for CBD oil now you will see 15 different suppliers who all sell the same products. However, with a euro more or less in the purchase price. Our team has therefore chosen not to become one of the many who offer this online, but with a unique product and composition. For example, people who order CBD oil from us always receive a personal interview. Every new customer is warmly welcomed by us. In this way we try to get a safe and familiar feeling from everyone searching for CBD oil.

Order cannabis oil

We want to be the best in the Netherlands with the highest quality CBD that we can deliver. Naturally all from Dutch soil. So if you are looking for CBD oil plus ordering, we would like to welcome you in our beautiful company.

We thank everyone who has ordered Canabis oil or Canabis oil, but also all people who order CBD oil we warm a heart. Because of you it is possible that we are allowed to work with this special plant.

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